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High School Senior, Kylie Harada is doing her Senior Project in honor of her Grandfather to raise awareness about chronic kidney disease and to fundraise for the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii.  As part of her fundraising efforts, Kylie will be hosting a bowling event on March 23 at 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Kaneohe Marine Base K-Bay bowling alley.

Cost of tickets:  $20.00 and will include shoe rental and two games
Be sure to have driver’s license, car registration, insurance card and current safety sticker when entering the marine base.  You must register with Kylie so she can give the gate security a list including all bowling participants on the event list.  The gate security will check you off as you enter the base.
Contact Information: Kylie’s E-mail:
kyharada8@gmail.com          Cell #: (808)561-5127
Directions to the bowling alley:  


o    27 million Americans are afflicted with the disease.

o    Nationally one out of every nine people is battling this disease.

o    One out of every seven people in Hawaii is stricken with the disease (156,000).

o    Another 100,000 are at risk.  Combined with those already afflicted, this is almost 20% of the state’s population.

o    Kidney disease in Hawai‘i remains approximately 30 percent higher than the national average.

o    CKD patients account for nearly a quarter of all Medicare costs ($325 Billion in FY 2008)

o    Total cost for end stage kidney disease was $33.6 Billion. They account for 1% of the Medicare population.

o    It costs an average of $70,000 to care for a dialysis patient for a year.

o    NKFH has seen the number of individuals with kidney failure grow from grow exponentially from 894 in 1992, to over 3000 in 2013. This represents an estimated cost of $93.6 million each year in medical expenses and this figure is expected to more than double over the next ten years.

o    The NKFH mission is to prevent CKD, support those affected by the disease and increase awareness about the importance of organ donation.