Donate a Boat


Aloha and thanks for your interest in donating your boat! The Kidney Boat program is a special way to help fight kidney disease by donating your used boat. As long as your boat meets the minimum criteria, it will be accepted into the program and sold to fund the fight against kidney disease in our Islands.

Whether you decide to donate your boat or not, please read the following kidney information. Knowing the early warning signs just might save you or someone you love from enduring kidney failure.

Did you know that Hawaii’s kidney failure rate is 30% higher than the national average? Chances are good that you know someone with kidney disease, or you are even afflicted yourself.

Your donation funds:

  • Free Statewide Kidney Screenings
  • Free CD ROMS for Elementary School Students
  • Medical Research
  • Organ Donation Initiatives
  • Free Programs for Kidney Patients
  • Emergency Financial Assistance for Kidney Patients

Thanks again for your interest.


Glen Hayashida
Chief Executive Office

You must itemize your taxes to receive a tax benefit. Also, you may not be able to deduct your donation if you have already depreciated the value of your boat on your taxes or if you have received payment as part of an insurance settlement. And, if your boat has appreciated in value, you may be limited to claiming its cost only. Most importantly, you as the donor, must make the final decision of your boat’s fair market value. We recommend consulting a tax advisor.
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