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Kidney Learning Solutions


Kidney Learning Solutions (KLS)


The National Kidney Foundation is a principal authority in chronic kidney disease (CKD). Since its launch in 2003, NKF's Kidney Learning Solutions (KLS) provides comprehensive education about chronic kidney disease (CKD) to:
  • Slow onset and/or progression of CKD
  • Identify and treat CKD early
  • Manage or prevent CKD complications like anemia, bone disease, high blood pressure, lipid problems, heart and blood vessel problems, and nutrition problems
  • Improve patient outcomes

KLS is much more than a library - KLS offers:

  • Public awareness about risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and family history of kidney disease
  • Awareness about the 5 stages of CKD - and what can be done to treat it even in the early stages
  • "How to" information for early identification and treatment
  • Patient and family education and support for living better in any of the 5 stages
  • How kidney transplant recipients fit into the 5 stages
  • Education and support to health care professionals in every discipline and specialty who care for people who are at risk, CKD patients in the early stages, CKD patients in later stages and kidney transplant recipients.
  • Tools on how to use evidence based clinical practice guidelines and recommendations
  • Free continuing professional education

All activities provide information that is based on scientific evidence. KLS uses the KDOQI CKD classification to provide targeted information that is specific to stage.

Activities are offered in many formats (live sessions, printed materials, boxed programs, CD-ROMS, online, videotape, audiotape) and use multiple teaching-learning strategies to meet different and individual learning needs and preferences.

KLS has a large editorial board made up of CKD patients and clinical experts from many different specialties and disciplines to assure that KLS programs meet the highest quality standards.